VINWiki appraised Doug DeMuro’s car collection!

VINWiki appraised Doug DeMuro's car collection!

Quirks and features are what made Doug DeMuro a mainstream figure in the YouTube automotive space. His thoroughness in reviewing the fun and unique aspects of cars set him apart from regular car reviewers and his audience was all for it. You know the dedication to the craft is real when you set up an entire auction website mainly focused on cars like the one you review.

As you might expect, his car collection is just as dope. Among his 1999 G-Wagon and Ford GT, Doug recently added his (and mostly everyone that I know) dream car to the stable: a “scrumptious” 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Now obviously that increased the value of his garage, but by how much?

Well, remember VINWiki’s collection appraisal series? They’re back! And this time they’re picking apart Doug’s collection with a fine-toothed comb to get you the most realistic number they can. You want me to stop talking and show you the video already? Alright, here you go!


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