Help VINWiki find this Murcielago LP-670 SV and win $100,000!

When he’s not busy being the connoisseur of terrible examples of incredible cars, Ed Bolian is also an invaluable source of Lamborghini Murcielago knowledge. Not only has he owned eight of Italy’s flying bats, but he has built a nearly comprehensive list of the VINs of all 4,099 examples ever built. Over the past few years, he and a team of dedicated software engineers, researchers, and automotive historians have compiled over 98 pages of factory information into an easy-to-read spreadsheet for the masses.

As with most record-keeping however, there is a hitch: it turns out there are more manual transmission Murcielago LP-670 SVs than they expected, two more to be exact. One of the cars is a European market model while the other is a US market model with no record of ever having made it into the US.

What better way to motivate the entire internet to help with research than with a bounty. Ed and the VINWiki team are prepared to offer $100,000 to whoever can provide information that helps them find and buy VIN numbers ZHWBU8AM2ALA03490 or ZHWBE81M0ALA03528.

This is your time to shine, you internet Sherlocks out there. Watch the full video below for the full story and as always, happy hunting!


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