Yacht Club 916: Sacramento’s Newest Hard Hitters?

It’s not uncommon to see new cars & coffee-style events pop up on a regular basis. What is uncommon though, is seeing one with aspirations as high as those set by the founders of Yacht Club 916.

“Eventually it’s going to become a paid club that has private events and rallies alongside public ones. Sort of a country club with some amenities for club members,” Hudson, a.k.a. @voituremedia, told me. He wasn’t joking either.

Their first show, set at the fairly picturesque historic Loomis Train Depot, drew a pretty astonishing crowd for a show that’s just in its infancy. Bugattis, Ferraris, BMWs, and even two Ford GTs rolled through the small streets of Loomis on their way to the show. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen used car dealerships with less variety than this.

The two founders, Hudson and his friend Tyler (@tyler_fasani) are still in high school, but you wouldn’t know that from the way they ran this show and just carry themselves in general. I think there is a certain assumed identity that comes with being a car enthusiast in high school. People tend to assume that if you’re passionate about things on four wheels at that age, you’re up to no good, an image that sideshows have likely played a part in perpetuating. While that may be true in some cases, in the same way that there are sometimes clouds in the sky, these two thankfully defy that stereotype.

“We thought there was a hole in the car scene in our area that needed to be filled, and we thought that it would be the perfect opportunity especially since we’re both fairly young and have lots of time to establish it,” Hudson said. “We also saw there is nothing like it in the area so it would most likely spark interest in people.”

And that’s exactly what makes a successful business. Finding a niche that nobody in your area is serving and doing it so well, nobody can take your place.

“Honestly man, we just wanted to get a really fun show going. The area is perfect for it with plenty of amazing cars,” Tyler added. “We really just saw the opportunity to have a car show and add these entertainment factors to it so we took it.”

Lofty goals can’t succeed without a lofty presence and while that may not yet be the case in terms of followers and audience, the brand identity is spot on. A gold-on-black typeface, a combination of thin, minimalist fonts and elegant, cursive ones served alongside imagery of exotic cars is exactly the kind of “air” you want to exude in this kind of establishment. Throw a fancy company car in the mix and you’ve got the perfect recipe for making this idea really take off. Or set sail, if we’re keeping with the nautical theme.

Oh and speaking of the nautical theme, the name refers to luxury cars, often called boats due to their large proportions, and the overall exclusive nature that a “yacht club” offers. Will there be actual yachts involved at some point in the future? I wouldn’t be surprised and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how this evolves. You go guys!

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