A well-traveled Land Cruiser that once climbed mountains and (possibly) accompanied Tupac

Image courtesy of @voituremedia

For the past 70 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has reigned supreme in both the reliable off-road and SUV markets. With over 10 million units sold worldwide, the numerous generations of the Land Cruiser have spawned models loved and recognized the world over like the boxy FJ40 and the later spacious FJ55.

This isn’t a history lesson though. This is about the journey of a very specific Land Cruiser that spent its hard life climbing in two very distant states, supposedly spent time around a celebrity, and was the fortunate recipient of a second lease on life. This car’s 33 years have been more exciting than some people’s entire lives but hey, not everyone can be a Land Cruiser.

Image courtesy of @voituremedia

This is Hudson’s (@voituremedia) 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62. The 60 was the second generation in the “comfort-oriented” Land Cruisers and the size of this lad shows it. Not only is it large, but it gives off a beefy, solid vibe, even post-facelift, which is what Hudson’s is. It started life in Hawaii where it was reportedly “used and abused” climbing the Mauna Kea volcano and other treacherous places that other, inferior off-roaders wouldn’t dare touch. It later made its way across the water to sunny LA where it fell into the hands of a restoration company. They gave it a new paint job (but kept the factory color), classic TRD color stripes adorning both sides, new wheels, and a couple other interior components like a new headliner and a Bose sound system. Hudson later completed the look with a roof rack that no off-roader should be without.

Image courtesy of @voituremedia

That story would be enough to make this Land Cruiser more special than others of its vintage but wait, there’s more! The license plate “2PAC056” could very well just be a coincidental reference to the artist of the same name, but it could just as well have a connection according to the restoration company. They claim that this very car was one owned by one of Tupac’s producers or coworkers way back in the day. Now neither of us have any way of fact-checking this so take it with a handful of grains of salt, but MAN wouldn’t it be cool if that was really its story? From a tough mountain climber in Hawaii to leisurely cruising the streets of LA alongside one of the most influential rappers of all time. I’ll go ahead and believe it.

Image courtesy of @voituremedia

While this Land Cruiser is now living a much more relaxed life in the Sacramento Valley, its retirement is well-deserved. It now enjoys the frequent spotlight provided by Hudson’s DSLR and the admiring eyes of the crowds at local Cars and Coffee-type events. Hudson says he will continue driving it and keeping it as original as possible, in the hopes of one day passing it on to someone who enjoys and recognizes its worth in the same loving way that he does. A well-lived life for an astounding vehicle, if you ask me.

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