The local outlaw Porsche – Best of Sacramento

Walk around this car. Take in all the different modifications, both cosmetic and mechanical. Try to find something that looks out of place and if you do, then look again.

This is what tasteful modding should look like. Everything on the car has a reason to be there; nothing is superfluous and nothing is misplaced. The green wheels? They match the green bumper accents and side trim. The blue and red Martini stitching on the wheel?

They match the ring around the ignition. Momo steering wheel? Matching pedals. Heuer decal on the hood? Well, that matches the handmade Heuer gauge. *Chef’s kiss*.

This is Leo’s 1979 Porsche 911 Super Carrera and it is a minty, non-raced example. In his own words, this car has had a “nuts and bolts restoration down to the metal body.” What makes it extra special is that it’s a European, non-sunroof model, which are more desirable and harder to find. The condition Leo has kept this car is really something that should be admired, although purists might disagree with his mods.

Before I spill the beans about the car, let me tell you a bit about Leo because he’s an interesting guy. Not only is he a Facebook food blogger with a particular dislike for the way RWB ruins the lines of classic Porsches, but he’s actually a big VW fan. His other ride is a 1987 VW Scirocco that somehow gets more attention than the Porsche so you know he’s doing it right.

Now onto the mods. On the outside, you might have noticed the green wheels. Those are based on a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Touring that had green wheels from the factory. There is of course the aforementioned Heuer decal on the hood, a Porsche and a 911 decal on the door, and a Continental windshield banner.

Non-cosmetic mods include an LED dash, a French Martin SCART exhaust, LED headlights, and a cat delete. Don’t worry Californians, it still passes SMOG. With all the right tuning, the car pushes somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 HP. Not bad.

But how did he come across this car? Well, I’m glad you asked. See this car is a bit of an “outlaw” Porsche if you will. It used to belong to one of the founders of R Gruppe, a Porsche enthusiast outlaw group based in the Bay Area. The car was about to go to a Porsche auction before Leo’s brother talked him into buying the car. Four hours and a cash exchange later, Leo got the car and the owner was spared the grisly auction fees.

The planned mods for the car aren’t anything jarring but they do include a potential Brumos Racing livery which perked up my ears. He plans to keep the car in the family and his son already expressed interest in it so the saying “like father, like son” seems like it was tailor-made for Leo’s situation.

Huge fist bump to Leo for talking to me about his car and letting me show it off for all you guys here on DRIVETRIBE.

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