Art on Wheels: The Stunning McLaren 765LT – Best of Sacramento

Image courtesy of @iamted7

The magic doesn’t happen until you’re up close.

Much like the GT40, this car is both aggressive and graceful in its ways. It’s like a ballerina that lifts weights in her spare time.

It’s menacing, yet suave.

This is Jeff Miller’s McLaren 765LT and it is a sight to behold. Jeff is no stranger to McLarens, as he used to own a 675LT and currently owns a 720 Spider. The story of how he got introduced to the brand is something that should be on VINWiki so pretend I’m in the storytelling seat as you’re reading this.

Image courtesy of @iamted7

One of Jeff’s mentors happened to be a serious collector of exotic cars. At the time, he owned several McLarens that Jeff got the chance to ride in including a P1, a 675LT, a 570GT, and a 650 Spider. Not only did this begin his love for McLarens, but he even ended up owning the 675LT that he got a ride in.

What led him to add the 765LT to his collection was the car’s raw power and aggressive feel, something that makes it perfect for the track days Jeff likes to run.

All that raw power comes in the form of 755 blazing horses galloping forth from a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that takes you from 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. An MSO rollbar, carbon fiber seats from the McLaren Senna, and just enough carbon fiber round out the options on this 765LT but don’t let that fool you; It’s still just as stylish and intimidating as the rest.

Image courtesy of @iamted7

He originally had ordered his own 765LT from McLaren but changed that order to a 765 Spider which won’t be available until May of 2022. That meant the search for a 765LT was on. Like other modern car buyers, Jeff came across this 765LT on social media. During an extensive internet search for any available 765LTs, he came across this one in Curacao Blue being sold by Rich and Andrew from Road Rich Motors.

The color wasn’t his favorite but given the car’s limited (and I mean, limited) availability, he messaged the dealership. A short phone call later, Jeff wired them the money and they received it in 20 minutes. The dealership had barely even posted the pictures before it was sold, which has to be some kind of record. Fast forward 28 hours later, and Jeff was the proud owner of a 2021 McLaren 765LT. 

After seeing it in person, I understand why he is so in love with the way McLaren engineers their cars. The lines, the styling, and the thundering sound that comes from the quad exhausts all make the car feel almost unreal. The active wing that reacts to changes in acceleration and braking is a marvel of technology that shows the amount of attention that went into this car. And that color, oh that color. It looks like the sky and the ocean came together and enveloped this car in a shimmering shine that’s further accentuated in direct sunlight.

Image courtesy of @iamted7

I was fortunate enough to be able to experience the car’s power myself in a ride-along with Jeff. I could say “wow” for hours on end and it would still not explain just how that experience was. Every second, from the moment you press the bright red “Engine Start” button to a rolling pull to 120 mph on the highway is an exhilarating journey. Cars fly by, the exhaust pops, and all your problems just disappear. Thankfully the racing seats do a good job of keeping you in place and protecting your spine when the G-forces try to push you out of the rear window. I can’t even think of a good way to put the whole thing into words.

“This car is wicked fast. I would liken it to jumping on a tiger’s back and trying to hold on. You don’t feel out of control, but you can get there real quick.”

Yeah, that’s a good way to put it, Jeff. It is insane how much power McLaren gives you for the MSRP of, hold on to your seats, $392,000. It really is “hypercar performance at a supercar price” and it must be experienced to be properly understood. In fact, Jeff likes the car so much that he’s getting another one in orange with a lot more options than the blue one. The MSRP for the orange one? $544,000.

Image courtesy of @iamted7

As for future plans, the car will remain the way McLaren envisioned it, with the only additions being Paint Protection Film (PPF), windshield protection, and window tint. Think of it as preserving an art piece for future generations.

Thank you to Jeff for taking time out of his busy day to let me interview him about the car and for allowing me to experience it myself. I also have to thank Ken (@creative_ken_m) for introducing me to Jeff as well as @iamted7 on Instagram for the amazing studio photographs of the 765LT.

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